That’s not a mistake—it’s shorthand for Social Security Disability Insurance. There’s a big difference between SSDI and SSDD (Same Shit, Different Day). Then again, there might not be. I just got done filling out about 20 pages of information about my functional status and all the jobs I’ve held over the past 15 years. They didn’tContinue reading “SSDI”

Landing On My Feet

As discouraged as I am about my job these days, I realized something yesterday as I was trying to find my way back home after getting lost in Fungus Corners, Oregon for the third time this week: I have once again achieved a relative state of normality. This is no small feat in the face of circumstances that wouldContinue reading “Landing On My Feet”

Nobody Knows (The Trouble I’ve Seen)

Oh man, and Job thought he had troubles……. The final day of survey was a disaster. My ego was already pretty bruised from the beating it had been taking all week, and it took almost every bit of courage I own just to push myself out the door this morning. The trainer who came with me today isn’t quiteContinue reading “Nobody Knows (The Trouble I’ve Seen)”

The End Is Near

Well, boys and girls, it looks like I’m going to wash out of my training program after all. It wasn’t put exactly that way by my trainer this afternoon, but I had to be honest with her about the reasons why I’m struggling so badly and she acknowledged that they’re pretty much incompatible with the work. The truthContinue reading “The End Is Near”

I’m Wet. I’m Tired. I’m Pissed. Deal With It.

I think I understand now why people commit suicide over financial issues. No, I don’t have any ideas along that line, but after being hounded for money so much recently—and knowing that we will NEVER escape this mountain of debt—I am in complete sympathy with those who feel that only death will solve their problems. Today,Continue reading “I’m Wet. I’m Tired. I’m Pissed. Deal With It.”

I Don’t Go Crazy, I AM Crazy. I Just Go Normal From Time to Time.

That’s what a lot of life is about, anyway. I figured it out on my way home from work. It’s all about appearances: you can be having the most horrid thoughts imaginable, walking around thinking “oh my God, I SUCK”, and yet nobody sees what goes on behind your eyes. All they see is another human being,Continue reading “I Don’t Go Crazy, I AM Crazy. I Just Go Normal From Time to Time.”