Happy Days!

I’m back home after ten days’ vacation, seven of them at sea in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. My family and I also spent a couple of days in New Orleans and had the French Quarter experience…what a crazy place! I walked further than I thought I was capable of, shopped on BourbonContinue reading “Happy Days!”

Caribbean Queen

After flying on cramped airplanes, waiting in looooong lines to board, and otherwise being treated like cattle, I have decided that travel itself sucks. But oh, was that week-long cruise worth it! Will and I got to see parts of the world we’d only seen in pictures…bought new wedding rings in Cozumel…played in the surf on Grand Cayman…shopped and drove aroundContinue reading “Caribbean Queen”

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

I’ve been keeping a secret for several weeks that I just can’t hold onto any longer: my lifelong dream of a Caribbean cruise is about to be realized. Will and I have been invited to accompany my son and son-in-law on the Carnival Magic in December! They’ve even offered to pick up our expenses onContinue reading “The Adventure Of A Lifetime”