Another Auld Lang Syne

Like many writers, I’ve decided to indulge in the annual tradition of reminiscing about the year gone past and anticipating the arrival of a new one. It seems the older I get, the faster go the years, and 2014 was no exception. It has not been a good year, to say the least. It began with so many hopesContinue reading “Another Auld Lang Syne”

Scrambled Letters, Scrambled Brain

You know you’re in for a bad night when even your most effective means for shutting down your brain doesn’t work. I have this mental picture I use when I’m having trouble getting my mind off something unpleasant: I visualize a giant stop sign right in front of me and say STOP out loud. It usually works by distracting meContinue reading “Scrambled Letters, Scrambled Brain”

Popcorn For Dinner and Other Random Thoughts

No, I’m serious…..I really am eating popcorn for dinner in the tradition of my father, who made popcorn on the stove with oil and salt and real butter. And it wasn’t any of that JiffyPop stuff either—Daddy didn’t believe in cheating where popcorn was concerned. And while this treat may not be good for the waistlineContinue reading “Popcorn For Dinner and Other Random Thoughts”

This Is Gonna Sound Weird, But…..

… mood and my self-confidence have only improved since I was fired. I don’t know why, but I wonder if it’s not just the feeling of relief now that I don’t have to keep trying to do the impossible. That was harder on my self-esteem than being unemployed, as much as I hate it (toContinue reading “This Is Gonna Sound Weird, But…..”

Another One Bites the Dust

The end came quietly this morning in a meeting with my managers, both of whom were genuinely unhappy about having to “release me from my trial service”, as it was so delicately put. It was the nicest firing I’ve ever experienced, and while being unemployed again is scary, my primary emotion is relief. It’s not likeContinue reading “Another One Bites the Dust”