Trust Issues

Have I ever mentioned that I have trust issues? It’s not difficult to figure out where they came from. It goes back to earliest childhood, when I was cared for and loved by my sister and grandmother rather than my mother. I wanted to trust her; of course, being a child I didn’t understand why IContinue reading “Trust Issues”

Drug Dependency

This is what I always was afraid would happen to me if I stayed on psychotropic medications for any length of time, and I was right: I have become utterly dependent on them. I forgot my AMs again this morning, so of course by three PM I was restless and edgy. I’d called in my refill requestsContinue reading “Drug Dependency”

Insanity Plea

Now that I’m on a roll (four good days in a row!!), I thought it might be interesting to talk about how people with mental illness learn to determine the difference between what is “us” and what is our disorder. It’s taking me what seems like forever to figure this out, and even though I’ve got a decent handleContinue reading “Insanity Plea”