Too Hot To Think

It is currently 101 degrees outside, and probably about 98 here in the house with no air-conditioning. It is literally too hot to think, as I sit here at the computer in front of a fan turned up on Power Ranger and a bottle of water on the desk. I’ve got it positioned where it won’t drownContinue reading “Too Hot To Think”

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Well, the Garage Sale of the Decade is over and we are getting back to baseline (whatever that is), except for the need to box up our leftovers and schlep ’em to Goodwill. While we didn’t do anywhere near as well on Sunday as we did Saturday, the sale was still worth doing, and we have no regrets.Continue reading “What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been”

Jacked Up

That’s my new term for being, well, a little hypomanic. Actually, I’ve been jacked-up for the past week or so. I’ve got too much energy, I’m not sleeping well, I’m restless and distractible, and today I’ve started two blog posts at once. It’s also after 1 PM and I haven’t even thought about food yet, even though I’ve been awake since 8. AndContinue reading “Jacked Up”

Up, Up, and Away…..

Well, summer’s just begun and it’s already at full throttle with temps soaring well into the 90s. My co-workers are dragging like old tired dogs, the inside of the car is somewhere around 300 degrees when I get in to go home, and even the residents who are always cold have been begging for PopsiclesContinue reading “Up, Up, and Away…..”