I Think The Dog Is Bipolar

No, seriously! Well, OK, I’m half-kidding. I am watching my Pug mix dog,”Zinnie,” bounce off the walls. It’s sunny and warm today, and consequently she is losing her mind. She hates the cold and spends the winter lying around in front of the heater, usually rousing herself only for the briefest of walks and of course, food.Continue reading “I Think The Dog Is Bipolar”

The Paws That Refresh Us

To add a bit of variety (and a dose of fun) to a blog that deals with some pretty serious issues, today’s entry is about cats. My cats, in particular, who are quite possibly the cutest, craziest, and most talented felines in the universe….but then, I’m not biased or anything. Like me, all three areContinue reading “The Paws That Refresh Us”