The Bitch Is Back

The depression and paranoia, I mean. I’m not having any suicidal ideation this time, I’m just discouraged and sad and afraid. I’ve looked at numerous options for housing—even temporary would do for now—and there don’t seem to be any that would allow Will and me to keep at least SOME of his Social Security check.Continue reading “The Bitch Is Back”


Ever have one of those days which makes you question whether or not you can actually rely on your own impressions? Well, imagine EVERY day being like that, and you’ve got an idea of what millions of mentally ill people live with. It’s as if the world is full of passive-aggressiveness, which is a mind-fuck of epic proportions that can drive us toContinue reading “Crazymaking”

Paranoia Activity

Actually, there’s a whole lot less of that going on these days. I’ve never really talked much about this ugly little spud—mainly because I’m embarrassed by it—but now that I’m not having those issues, it seems OK to bring it out into the light for just a moment. I’ve always had a degree of paranoia, even when IContinue reading “Paranoia Activity”

The Morning After The Night Before

~ yawn~ It’s Friday, November 1, and I feel like something the dog found under the house. All that fresh air, exercise, and Halloween candy was great, but it really kicked my butt. Throw in a double whammy of hardcore psych meds, and I want to sleep until Christmas. But they’re doing their job: the fever of mania has broken and I’mContinue reading “The Morning After The Night Before”