Lessons In Self-Care

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Time to watch football, eat ourselves into a coma and enjoy togetherness with family and friends. Oh, and yes, to be thankful for what we have while knowing that other people are out catching the early Black Friday sales and running over each other in the process. (I did Black Friday shoppingContinue reading “Lessons In Self-Care”

Peace And Quiet

…..are definitely NOT on the agenda for this weekend. My daughter, son-in-law, and the grands are coming for a barbecue tonight, and Will’s sister from Seattle arrives later this evening and will be here till Sunday. Then the two of them are going to the air museum tomorrow for an all-day event, while I’ll be visiting my ownContinue reading “Peace And Quiet”

This Post Has No Purpose

Was awake waaay too late into the night last night with racing thoughts and no real idea why. But I suspect it was the fact that a day I’d been looking forward to was a complete bust: first it was the canceled p-doc appointment, and then my favorite football team went on to lose their game inContinue reading “This Post Has No Purpose”

We’ll Always Have Halloween

Every Halloween, I wake up in the morning thinking I’m all grown up and will behave like a proper grandma when my daughter and I take her two young boys out for trick-or-treating. And every Halloween, the mischievous spirit of the holiday gets into me and I get as silly as they come. Tonight’s featuredContinue reading “We’ll Always Have Halloween”