This Is It

My nursing career is officially over. It was time to renew my license, which of course I had no intention of doing because I haven’t worked since 2014. You have to have 960 practice hours in the past five years to be able to renew without taking a refresher course, and I don’t. So itContinue reading “This Is It”

Out Of Sorts

I’m feeling decidedly off-kilter these days, so please forgive me if this post reflects that. But I have stories to tell, and I hope you’ll read them. That’s why I write this blog—not only to help myself sort out my life, but to educate and hopefully entertain you, the reader. (At least sometimes.) I’m still having troubleContinue reading “Out Of Sorts”

Honesty Really IS The Best Policy

So along with the upcoming holidays comes the time to renew my nursing license. It’s a biennial requirement, and even though I’m not planning on using it, I want to have the option in case I’m ever asked to volunteer someplace. You just never know…..and besides, there’s always the possibility of finding one of those work-from-home jobs. However, I’ve been dreading theContinue reading “Honesty Really IS The Best Policy”