Moving Again

Well, Will and I are on the move for the second time in seven months, this time to our son and son-in-law’s house, where it is presumed by all concerned that this move will be our last. They have made it abundantly clear that they want us to stay for good, and the way finances areContinue reading “Moving Again”

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Now that Will and I have secured a place to live and are moving next weekend, the inevitable question of whether to tell our new housemates about our, ahem, health issues has arisen. I hate the idea of concealing them because it’s going to be awkward when the inevitable happens—it’s a small house after all—and I don’t want theContinue reading “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Shot Through the Heart

…..and I’m to blame. Well, maybe not totally, but today our landlords said that Will and I need to be out of this house in 10 days. Right before Christmas. With no place to go, or even any prospect of a place to go. Otherwise, they’re going to take us to court, and while that would definitely buy us someContinue reading “Shot Through the Heart”

The Bitch Is Back

The depression and paranoia, I mean. I’m not having any suicidal ideation this time, I’m just discouraged and sad and afraid. I’ve looked at numerous options for housing—even temporary would do for now—and there don’t seem to be any that would allow Will and me to keep at least SOME of his Social Security check.Continue reading “The Bitch Is Back”

Break It Down

The work of breaking down a household—not to mention sifting through the memories of a place where a good portion of our lives happened—continues as our time here grows short. We have one week before we have to be out, and we aren’t going to make that deadline even though we’re getting help from our son and hisContinue reading “Break It Down”