The Springtime Crazies

…have definitely struck. I’m not off the spool, but I’m restless and have all this energy I’m having a hard time channeling, and having just a great time not doing anything! The weather sucks hugely—it’s only 39 degrees and there’s snow mixed in with the rain, but it doesn’t matter, as far as I’m concernedContinue reading “The Springtime Crazies”

Today’s Forecast: Manic, With A Slight Chance of Batshit Crazy

As you may have guessed by its title, this post is all about mania…….at least as I experience it. Now is actually a very good time to discuss this defining characteristic of bipolar disorder, as I’ve recently come down from that particular end of the “pole” and thus I can do a better job of describing what happens toContinue reading “Today’s Forecast: Manic, With A Slight Chance of Batshit Crazy”

Up, Up, and Away…..

Well, summer’s just begun and it’s already at full throttle with temps soaring well into the 90s. My co-workers are dragging like old tired dogs, the inside of the car is somewhere around 300 degrees when I get in to go home, and even the residents who are always cold have been begging for PopsiclesContinue reading “Up, Up, and Away…..”