I Know This Sounds Weird, But…..

…..this is the most well-balanced I have ever been in my life. I’m not kidding. My moods are stable to the point that I don’t really have any. I have enough energy to do what I want, and I feel great, but there’s no fever in it like there is with hypo/mania; even when IContinue reading “I Know This Sounds Weird, But…..”

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

It’s amazing what a difference a week makes. This time last week, I was agitated, angry, anxious, and being an ass. I’d tried tweaking one of my meds—the one I learned very quickly is the glue that holds me together—with near-disastrous results. So I went back on what has become my normal dose, and nowContinue reading “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!”

Beautiful Dreamer

Have I ever told you about how awesome my son-in-law is? He’s a hairdresser who can literally make magic: he has the ability to turn a frumpy, late-middle-aged grandmother into a sassy chick with attitude. It takes over three hours to do my hair, but the results are well worth it—I look and feel fifteenContinue reading “Beautiful Dreamer”

Driving While Bipolar

I got pulled over awhile back for driving under the influence of Zyprexa. Actually, what the Oregon State Trooper noticed was my huge gaping yawn and erratic weaving within my own lane as I was passing him on the freeway about half a mile from where I worked. I was still yawning uncontrollably, with bothContinue reading “Driving While Bipolar”