The Doctor Is In

I’m on a roll. I’ve had to go to Dr. Goodenough three times in the last three months, and I’ve already got another appointment next month. I think Dr. G is managing me very conservatively and would rather be safe than sorry. I don’t think anything is afoot—I had absolutely NO hint of March Madness,Continue reading “The Doctor Is In”

The Medi-Go-Round

Well, if I ever wanted to be more involved in my treatment, I’ve got the opportunity now.  My psych nurse practitioner, Sarah, is working on fine-tuning my program as I’ve become a little unsteady in recent weeks, undoubtedly because the Zyprexa’s been decreased. I’m not manic or depressed in particular; what I am is a little of both.Continue reading “The Medi-Go-Round”

So Far, So Good

I come bearing good news on the mental health front: I haven’t noticed any major mood changes since switching up my meds. I don’t sleep quite as soundly as I used to, but I’m also not quite as much of a slug in the mornings anymore. I like not walking around for the first hour after awakening feeling likeContinue reading “So Far, So Good”

Turning A Corner

The world just tilted on its axis: today, Dr. Awesomesauce broached the subject of disability. I couldn’t believe it. We have had this discussion before, and at that time he insisted that he’d never sign off on a disability claim because he believed I was perfectly capable of working full-time. But even though he still wants me toContinue reading “Turning A Corner”

More Than The Blues

I’ve got to quit using the term “situational” to describe an episode of what is really illness. I do that, of course, because I’d prefer not to acknowledge the fact that I am indeed ill. I don’t want to be ill. I want this to be nothing more than a case of the blues, touched off by some rotten life circumstances, and for it toContinue reading “More Than The Blues”

The Edge of Night

I can’t say I’m surprised, being worried sick about finances and it being almost summer, but late nights are getting to be a problem for me again. I’m still going to bed at a regular time (although I do push it to the limit—11:30 PM—almost every night). It’s just that my meds aren’t kicking in until afterContinue reading “The Edge of Night”