Getting The Bird

If they gave out awards for Best Medical Provider Visit Ever, today’s appointment with Dr. Awesomesauce would win it hands-down. Not only is he happy with how well I’m doing, he said he’s proud of me for sticking with my “curfew” and FINALLY realizing that mania—not depression—is my worst enemy. (I guess everyone else on the planetContinue reading “Getting The Bird”

Red Rubber Ball

Tonight’s post title notwithstanding, I am not having a good time bouncing around like the metaphorical spheric plaything. The term mood lability doesn’t even begin to cover it. I just got done weeping over a bittersweet news story about an adopted daughter’s search for her mother, only a couple of hours after Will and IContinue reading “Red Rubber Ball”

The Morning After The Night Before

~ yawn~ It’s Friday, November 1, and I feel like something the dog found under the house. All that fresh air, exercise, and Halloween candy was great, but it really kicked my butt. Throw in a double whammy of hardcore psych meds, and I want to sleep until Christmas. But they’re doing their job: the fever of mania has broken and I’mContinue reading “The Morning After The Night Before”

We’ll Always Have Halloween

Every Halloween, I wake up in the morning thinking I’m all grown up and will behave like a proper grandma when my daughter and I take her two young boys out for trick-or-treating. And every Halloween, the mischievous spirit of the holiday gets into me and I get as silly as they come. Tonight’s featuredContinue reading “We’ll Always Have Halloween”

Girls Just Gotta Mellow Out

True to form, Dr. Awesomesauce called me back tonight as he was leaving work, and we hammered out a plan to wrestle this ol’ manic beast back under control. Well, that was when the poor guy could get a word in edgewise……I’ve never talked to him or let him see me when I’ve been this jacked-up, and heContinue reading “Girls Just Gotta Mellow Out”

How You Can Help Me

Before I begin I’d like to give credit where credit is due, so here’s a newly-established Awesome Blogger award, which goes to revdebmatt @ Suddenly Bipolar for this great concept. As many of you know, healthcare professionals will often advise people to draw up a plan for their care if they should become incapacitated dueContinue reading “How You Can Help Me”

I Feel The Need For Speed

…….in caffeinated form only, of course! My love affair with the stimulant began way back around age 8, when a somewhat older boy I had a crush on gave me my first cup of coffee. It was loaded with sugar and Cremora, but I felt sooo sophisticated and grown-up that I actually bragged to my parents thatContinue reading “I Feel The Need For Speed”

I’m Down With That

And, just like that……..the meds have kicked in and I’m down off my manic high. Whew! I’ve been tired today, almost drained even. My friend Jesse describes it perfectly; he calls it “the bipolar hangover”. I even have blank spots in my memory of that rush of days, just like I used to years ago when I wasContinue reading “I’m Down With That”