The Anniversary Waltz

What a difference a year makes…..fourteen months ago, we weren’t sure if Will and I would make it to our 33rd wedding anniversary, and now here it is late September again and we’re about to celebrate Number 34 tomorrow. It’s amazing how much things change during a long marriage. You start out with honeymoon dreams andContinue reading “The Anniversary Waltz”

The Things We Do For Love

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I was driving home from work when I slid on a patch of black ice and lost control of the car. Although I didn’t wreck it, the out-of-control feeling I felt as it spun sickeningly was so terrifying, I decided on the spot that I would never again drive in freezing conditions. TwoContinue reading “The Things We Do For Love”

Could I Have This Dance (For the Rest Of My Life)

At last…..the day we feared might never arrive, the thirty-third anniversary of our wedding day. What a miracle that we’ve made it this far! Ours was a simple hippie wedding, in a public park with nature’s own green trees and flowers as our only decorations. Not that we didn’t observe a few formalities: he andContinue reading “Could I Have This Dance (For the Rest Of My Life)”

So Long As We Both Shall Live

As the anniversary of our wedding approaches, so always does a time of reflection on what Will and I have accomplished in our time together, and what we hope to accomplish in the years to come. We talk of our children and grandchildren, our family life, our achievements, and of course the love that has sustained us throughout our union. This year,Continue reading “So Long As We Both Shall Live”

For Better, For Worse

I’d be willing to bet that when the original wedding vows were written, they weren’t thinking about how bad “worse” can get. Like putting your finger in a place where no finger should ever have to go in order to relieve your husband of a lower-intestinal obstruction. Like collecting his urine in a jug forContinue reading “For Better, For Worse”

How The Hell Do You Chart THIS?!?

I have quite the love/hate affair with mood charts. I’m addicted to them—I have a total of four that I use daily or almost daily—but I wish I could combine them all into one single comprehensive tool for monitoring my moods accurately. Of course, it would be even better if I didn’t have to doContinue reading “How The Hell Do You Chart THIS?!?”

Home, Sweet Home

As you’ve probably guessed, your favorite bipolar blogger is back home from three days of getting ed-u-ma-cated on some really important stuff related to my job. I swear, my brain is crammed so full of information that I’m afraid it’s going to leak out and get all over the place! Which probably wouldn’t be surprising,Continue reading “Home, Sweet Home”