Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News…….

……..and it was the worst news we could have imagined. Will has Stage IV pancreatic cancer, with multiple metastases to the liver and likely the small bowel. It’s going through him like wildfire; the oncologist gives him approximately 3-6 months to live if he doesn’t get treatment, and a grand total of maybe 6-18 months with aggressiveContinue reading “Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News…….”

The Games People Play

Will’s biopsy has been postponed till tomorrow for some reason. When the imaging clinic called him this morning, they told him that they’d have done it today if he’d still been in the hospital; but since he isn’t, they needed to reschedule. Well, now isn’t THAT great. Not only do we have to wait another day toContinue reading “The Games People Play”