Trick Or Treat

I miss Halloween. It used to mean dressing up in my pirate costume and taking the kids/grandkids trick-or-treating through dark streets, where ghosts and kittycats and superheroes gathered at houses with decorations that lit up the night. I loved the mingled aromas from chimney smoke and the leaves that crunched delightfully underfoot. I also enjoyed the occasional candy bar from people whoContinue reading “Trick Or Treat”

Let There Be Light

My light box arrived the other day. I’ve been looking forward to getting it because I want to prevent the winter depression altogether, rather than wait till it hits me like a ton of crap. The weather has been really dreary this fall and ordinarily I’d be in a funk already, but with any luck this contraption will be theContinue reading “Let There Be Light”

Feeling SAD

No, not to worry—I’m not the least bit depressed. Today I’m going to talk about seasonal affective disorder, or SAD for short, which is not a “bipolar thing” but a common affliction among people living in the northern latitudes. That’s not to say that folks living in the tropics don’t get it, but in placesContinue reading “Feeling SAD”