Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Shit. Now the brakes on the car need $300 worth of repairs, and it just so happens that we won’t have that kind of cash for another week and a half, unless I’m incredibly lucky and my unemployment benefits kick in this week. In the meantime, there’s a job in a nearby town that soundsContinue reading “Between A Rock and A Hard Place”

I’m Baaaaack!

I hate Windows updates. As it turns out, the last series was what fouled my computer to the point where it didn’t recognize the router at all. I tried several different (expensive) devices to try to reconnect, but it just wasn’t having it. You’ve gotta love it when your troubleshooter keeps directing you to try different websitesContinue reading “I’m Baaaaack!”

The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways….

……His wonders to perform. Or something like that. I’ve only got about an hour and a half till lights-out, so I’ll have to make this relatively quick. Tonight, it feels as though a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders, blunting the sting of yet another disappointment. I’ll explain that in a minute. AsContinue reading “The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways….”

The Golden Turd Syndrome

My friend Jesse just got back from his appointment with my psychiatrist this afternoon (and I’m telling you, I’d better start getting some discounts for all the business I’m sending him!) with a new diagnosis of “golden turd syndrome”. I somehow doubt this one’s in the DSM, but it ought to be: it’s when yourContinue reading “The Golden Turd Syndrome”

Home, Sweet Home

As you’ve probably guessed, your favorite bipolar blogger is back home from three days of getting ed-u-ma-cated on some really important stuff related to my job. I swear, my brain is crammed so full of information that I’m afraid it’s going to leak out and get all over the place! Which probably wouldn’t be surprising,Continue reading “Home, Sweet Home”