Give Us This Day Our Daily Meds

This is the miracle drug “cocktail” that keeps me alive and well and (reasonably) sane. The top nine are my daytime meds, AKA the Breakfast of Champions; the bottom eight are my nightly Handful of Sanity. “Better living through chemistry” isn’t just a saying…’s a fact, because some of these tiny objects keep my blood pressure, cholesterolContinue reading “Give Us This Day Our Daily Meds”

Another Trip Around The Sun

Well, this is it: in only a few hours, I’ll be 55 years old. Another trip around the sun completed……closer to 60 than 50, closer to 70 than 40, and WAY closer to death than birth. And in some settings and situations, I’ll be considered a senior citizen. I’m actually OK with that, but I thought life was supposed toContinue reading “Another Trip Around The Sun”

Will: The Song Goes On

Here’s a story for people who think miracles went out with the dinosaurs: Per the lab work results we got yesterday, Will’s tumor burden—the amount of cancer his body is trying to cope with—has dropped dramatically in the two months since he started chemotherapy.  As in a value of 48,600 compared with 621,800 at theContinue reading “Will: The Song Goes On”