Dark Night Of the Soul

***TRIGGER WARNING*** I decided I’d better put a trigger warning at the top of this post like I did the last one, because the theme of this one is even scarier. Just in time for Halloween. Only this isn’t tricks or treats, and the fear doesn’t go away with the flip of a calendar page. The past 36 hoursContinue reading “Dark Night Of the Soul”

Dear Life: Would You At Least Start Using Lubricant?

…..please? I am definitely having a downturn. It’s situational. There’s so much that needs to be accomplished in the next few weeks and nothing is even remotely settled yet. I’m looking at finances and the numbers scare the hell out of me. Will and I have to re-home three cats whom we’ve had for their entire lives, and it’sContinue reading “Dear Life: Would You At Least Start Using Lubricant?”

A Disturbance In The Force

I think all the stress in my life is finally starting to get to me. For the past two days I’ve been itchy, squirrelly, and having some difficulty finding a place for myself. Nothing feels right; I’ve been trying to write this post all damn day and I’m not even sure if it’s going to make sense. Nevertheless, I’mContinue reading “A Disturbance In The Force”

A Fine Mess

And now it begins: The enormity of what I’ve lost, am losing, and am about to lose is beginning to crash in on me, and it’s staggering. My unemployment benefits are running out. I can’t find a “real” job. Will’s Social Security isn’t enough to get us into even a small apartment, ergo, that means we are goingContinue reading “A Fine Mess”

Scrambled Letters, Scrambled Brain

You know you’re in for a bad night when even your most effective means for shutting down your brain doesn’t work. I have this mental picture I use when I’m having trouble getting my mind off something unpleasant: I visualize a giant stop sign right in front of me and say STOP out loud. It usually works by distracting meContinue reading “Scrambled Letters, Scrambled Brain”

Faith, Hope and Love

…..and the greatest of these is Love. Thanks to my support people, I’ve got that one down pretty well. But I’m sure struggling with the faith and hope parts. They go together—if you have faith, you have hope—and I feel bereft of both these days. Please understand, Constant Reader, that I am not depressed. I amContinue reading “Faith, Hope and Love”