It’s Halloween

…and boy, am I ever glad I’m not where I was three years ago tonight. The hospital was the best place for me then and I knew it, even though I’d have given almost anything to take my grandsons out trick-or-treating instead. I had never fallen so far down the rabbit hole before, and IContinue reading “It’s Halloween”

Going Inpatient: One Year Later

I will never again be able to think about Halloween without remembering where I was on October 31st, 2014. I’d written a short post here saying that I’d hit bottom and was going to the hospital, then after my psych eval I sat in the “safe room” in the ER for six looooong hours waitingContinue reading “Going Inpatient: One Year Later”

The Homecoming: Life On The Inside, Part 4

They weren’t in any hurry for me to leave. I’d been inpatient for five days when my doctor and the treatment team asked me when I wanted to go home. I wasn’t quite ready, but I was eager to get out before the weekend. I wanted my husband, my pets, my freedom. And I really, really wanted myContinue reading “The Homecoming: Life On The Inside, Part 4”

The Forgiveness Letter: Life On The Inside, Part 3

Here’s another big thing that happened during my hospital stay. I had a wonderful case manager named Ted (name changed to protect his privacy) who visited me, sometimes more than once a day, to talk and do a little therapy. Like most people with a psychiatric history I deal with a lot of guilt andContinue reading “The Forgiveness Letter: Life On The Inside, Part 3”

Sh*t Just Got Real: Life On The Inside, Part 2

It was on my second night in the unit that shit got real. I had never fallen this far down the rabbit-hole before, and if I hadn’t been where I was, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell the story. That was when I hit rock-bottom and realized that no matter what I might want toContinue reading “Sh*t Just Got Real: Life On The Inside, Part 2”