Independence Day

Now that the dust has settled from yesterday’s decision to stop looking for nursing jobs, I’m starting to feel a sense of not only relief, but freedom. Thus, it seems fitting on this Independence Day to issue my personal declaration of independence. I declare my independence from the expectation that I will always do the same thing because it’s what I’ve alwaysContinue reading “Independence Day”

“Who’s Gonna Take Mom?”

Finally, here’s something a little bit amusing to report: My kids are already having the “What-will-we-do-with-Mom?” discussion. It’s funny in a way, because I’m not even 55 yet and far from decrepit, and of course I still have a living, breathing husband (thank You, Lord!). But it’s also ironic, given the fact that I’d been thinking about it only this morning, andContinue reading ““Who’s Gonna Take Mom?””