It’s Halloween

…and boy, am I ever glad I’m not where I was three years ago tonight. The hospital was the best place for me then and I knew it, even though I’d have given almost anything to take my grandsons out trick-or-treating instead. I had never fallen so far down the rabbit hole before, and IContinue reading “It’s Halloween”

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today, Sunday, September 10, 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Started in 2003, this day is meant to educate the public about causes of suicide and how to help prevent it. Every year some 40,000 Americans take their own lives, and there are up to 25 times as many who attempt suicide or are overcomeContinue reading “World Suicide Prevention Day”

And Now For Something Entirely Different…..

Just found out yesterday that I have a kidney stone that is so freaking big I have to have surgery to take it out. Instead of doing a nice little non-invasive lithotripsy like the last four procedures I’ve had for these things, they actually have to cut me open and extract the boulder by hand afterContinue reading “And Now For Something Entirely Different…..”

The Homecoming: Life On The Inside, Part 4

They weren’t in any hurry for me to leave. I’d been inpatient for five days when my doctor and the treatment team asked me when I wanted to go home. I wasn’t quite ready, but I was eager to get out before the weekend. I wanted my husband, my pets, my freedom. And I really, really wanted myContinue reading “The Homecoming: Life On The Inside, Part 4”

The Forgiveness Letter: Life On The Inside, Part 3

Here’s another big thing that happened during my hospital stay. I had a wonderful case manager named Ted (name changed to protect his privacy) who visited me, sometimes more than once a day, to talk and do a little therapy. Like most people with a psychiatric history I deal with a lot of guilt andContinue reading “The Forgiveness Letter: Life On The Inside, Part 3”

Sh*t Just Got Real: Life On The Inside, Part 2

It was on my second night in the unit that shit got real. I had never fallen this far down the rabbit-hole before, and if I hadn’t been where I was, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell the story. That was when I hit rock-bottom and realized that no matter what I might want toContinue reading “Sh*t Just Got Real: Life On The Inside, Part 2”