A Ray Of Hope?

I told you I wasn’t quite ready to give up: I have a job interview Friday. It’s not in nursing, thankfully; the more I think about it, the better I understand that I really, really CAN’T be a nurse again, as tempting as it is to go for the kinds of jobs I’ve had in the past. IContinue reading “A Ray Of Hope?”

Ac-cen-tuate The Positive

OK, so today I don’t feel quite as much like crawling into a hole and pulling the dirt up over my head. I’ve only been back on Celexa for two doses, and there is no way that’s done anything for me yet; but the fact that something is being done helps psychologically if nothing else. It’s likeContinue reading “Ac-cen-tuate The Positive”

At Long Last, Hope

How are ya gonna keep ’em down on the farm, after they’ve seen Portland? Today was Will’s appointment with one of the Pacific Coast’s best surgical oncologists, who works at the university hospital. This gentleman turned out to be an unassuming guy who wears a suit and tie, but still gets a kick out of his jobContinue reading “At Long Last, Hope”


And now…….the first glimmer of hope we’ve seen since this whole nightmare began. Will’s oncologist called this morning to tell us that the final pathology results showed something entirely different from what had been expected: his pancreatic tumor is an unusual one, called a carcinoid tumor, that may be operable!! Surgery wouldn’t be curative, the doctor pointedContinue reading “About-Face!”