It’s A Wonderful Life After All

Yes, I know, that’s a big turnaround in a very short time. But it’s not incipient mania that’s making me feel a bit like George Bailey these days; it’s finding out how much I really am loved. There has been such an outpouring of support from so many different people and places that I’m overwhelmed! IContinue reading “It’s A Wonderful Life After All”

Shot Through the Heart

…..and I’m to blame. Well, maybe not totally, but today our landlords said that Will and I need to be out of this house in 10 days. Right before Christmas. With no place to go, or even any prospect of a place to go. Otherwise, they’re going to take us to court, and while that would definitely buy us someContinue reading “Shot Through the Heart”

The Bitch Is Back

The depression and paranoia, I mean. I’m not having any suicidal ideation this time, I’m just discouraged and sad and afraid. I’ve looked at numerous options for housing—even temporary would do for now—and there don’t seem to be any that would allow Will and me to keep at least SOME of his Social Security check.Continue reading “The Bitch Is Back”