The Best Christmas Gift of All

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m sitting here at the computer looking over at the spot in front of the big picture window where the Christmas tree used to be, and the empty floor where piles of presents used to sit. There is no sign of the impending holiday anywhere in this house, unlike in timesContinue reading “The Best Christmas Gift of All”

One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back

I’ve had a bad day today. Unfortunately I’ve let it set me back a little, which just goes to prove that my recovery is still pretty fragile despite the strides I’ve made over the past few weeks. Of course, getting served with court papers for our impending eviction didn’t exactly make for happy thoughts, and the court date is set for December 26th. TheContinue reading “One Step Forward, Ten Steps Back”

I’ll Be Home For Christmas

We’ve gotten a bit of a reprieve from being evicted, even though the paperwork paints a very dire picture: we received our 72-hour pay-rent-or-quit notice Friday night. That doesn’t mean we have to be out in three days; in fact, it gives us more time because a court date has to be set, and evenContinue reading “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

O Christmas Tree

So today I decided that since it snowed and we can’t get out of our driveway, it was time to tackle the Christmas tree decorating chores. Used to be that I’d have the thing up and decorated by dinnertime the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I’ve been dragging my feet for some reason……partly because IContinue reading “O Christmas Tree”

We’ll Always Have Halloween

Every Halloween, I wake up in the morning thinking I’m all grown up and will behave like a proper grandma when my daughter and I take her two young boys out for trick-or-treating. And every Halloween, the mischievous spirit of the holiday gets into me and I get as silly as they come. Tonight’s featuredContinue reading “We’ll Always Have Halloween”