Trick Or Treat

I miss Halloween. It used to mean dressing up in my pirate costume and taking the kids/grandkids trick-or-treating through dark streets, where ghosts and kittycats and superheroes gathered at houses with decorations that lit up the night. I loved the mingled aromas from chimney smoke and the leaves that crunched delightfully underfoot. I also enjoyed the occasional candy bar from people whoContinue reading “Trick Or Treat”

Independence Day

Now that the dust has settled from yesterday’s decision to stop looking for nursing jobs, I’m starting to feel a sense of not only relief, but freedom. Thus, it seems fitting on this Independence Day to issue my personal declaration of independence. I declare my independence from the expectation that I will always do the same thing because it’s what I’ve alwaysContinue reading “Independence Day”

Musings For Mother’s Day

How time does fly when you’re having fun (and even when you’re NOT). Seems that only yesterday we were ringing in the New Year, and suddenly it’s almost into mid-May and it’s time for the annual ritual of paying tribute to the women who brought us into the world, fed us, raised us, and putContinue reading “Musings For Mother’s Day”