Isn’t She Lovely

This is going to be a very short entry because I’ve spent a good portion of the day in the presence of my lovely one-week-old granddaughter, who is quite possibly the most elegant baby I’ve ever met. Her cry is barely a whimper, her eyes already able to gaze directly into yours, her snuggly little body a perfect fit.Continue reading “Isn’t She Lovely”

Happy Birth Day, Mackenzie!

Well, I didn’t sleep very well the first night of reducing my Zyprexa dose, but there was a very good reason for it—my daughter, “Mindy,” was in the hospital having her labor induced. I kept waking up thinking I was hearing my phone, but I actually didn’t get the call until about 9:30 this morning. Here isContinue reading “Happy Birth Day, Mackenzie!”

Happy Birth Day, Jazzleen!

Today at 1:35 AM, I became a grandmother for the fifth time…..and this time, it’s a granddaughter! Baby Jazzleen Frederica Patricia is seven pounds on the dot, 18 1/2 inches long, and she is BEAUTIFUL. She has her mamma’s coloring and scads of dark hair, but her sweet face is reminiscent of my son. Chris,Continue reading “Happy Birth Day, Jazzleen!”