Honey, We’re Home!

Yes, we are home from the hospital as of this evening. His stay was great as hospitalizations go, and the staff was wonderful to him (although it doesn’t hurt that I worked there for five years and most of the nurses, aides, and even the doctors still remember me). But it feels soooo good toContinue reading “Honey, We’re Home!”

Situation Comedy: All F***ed Up

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is think up new sitcoms that haven’t already been done to death. You know, like all the Friends clones about East Coast yuppie types who trade sexcapades, or the shows with stout Midwesterners bitching endlessly about the snow. (Evidently no funny people existContinue reading “Situation Comedy: All F***ed Up”

Normal? What Is This “Normal” You Speak Of?

Actually, it looks an awful lot like……..me. At least for the time being. It seems a bit odd to be discussing bipolar disorder when I’ve never felt less bipolar in my life. But I think I love this newfound serenity even more than I do my hypomanias. This is what it must be like toContinue reading “Normal? What Is This “Normal” You Speak Of?”