Something To Talk About

Today was the day for what’s turning out to be a monthly occasion, namely, meeting my sister Louise at Dr. A’s office for a pre-appointment visit. She has to take a van ride all the way from her assisted-living facility 50 miles away, which leaves her about 45 minutes to cool her heels in theContinue reading “Something To Talk About”

In Praise Of Caregivers

I was reading through some of my friends’ posts on Facebook last night when I ran across a link to a site dedicated to providing information to bipolar caregivers. This is an aspect of dealing with the disorder that I’ve never thought about much, mainly because I’m the person with the condition and it takes pretty muchContinue reading “In Praise Of Caregivers”

The More Things Change……

…..the more they don’t always stay the same. I had an interesting text conversation with the lovely and patient older daughter today while her Dad was getting his implanted IV port installed at the hospital. For years now, she’s been after Will and me to move to Portland for some odd reason, probably because she andContinue reading “The More Things Change……”

The Calm Before the Storm

This is essentially a post about nothing…….blessed, wonderful nothing. There’s really not much going on today. I’ve got to leave for work in about an hour, and several of the kids plus families will be here later today; but otherwise, we’re carrying on about our lives pretty much as we always have, with little thoughtContinue reading “The Calm Before the Storm”

“Who’s Gonna Take Mom?”

Finally, here’s something a little bit amusing to report: My kids are already having the “What-will-we-do-with-Mom?” discussion. It’s funny in a way, because I’m not even 55 yet and far from decrepit, and of course I still have a living, breathing husband (thank You, Lord!). But it’s also ironic, given the fact that I’d been thinking about it only this morning, andContinue reading ““Who’s Gonna Take Mom?””

The Homecoming and Other Things

After five long years without seeing my 27-year-old daughter, she is finally home today on a Red Cross mercy mission. This girl is my tumbling tumbleweed, my will-o’-the-wisp, the one with a sense of adventure who left home for good a month after high school graduation, and has been back only three times since. She joined theContinue reading “The Homecoming and Other Things”

The Times, They Are a-Changin’

And, on top of all the other life-altering events going on in my world these days, there’s the matter of my only sister, who is on her way to an assisted living facility tomorrow after two months rehabbing in a nursing home. She lived with my family and me for years after her husband left her, and again afterContinue reading “The Times, They Are a-Changin’”