A Really Good Day

Well, if there was ever a time to be reminded of the necessity of my continuing existence, yesterday was it. It was one of the BESTEST DAYS EVER! Not only was the weather perfection itself, I got to go to lunch and I heard from different people during the course of the day who madeContinue reading “A Really Good Day”

The Tribe Has Spoken

…loud and clear. I am NOT allowed to go off my meds, or change my hair (that’s the latest itch I want to scratch). Well, I can change my hair if I want to, but I probably shouldn’t until I get a handle on whatever’s gotten into me. I announced my thoughts to my family as well, and what theyContinue reading “The Tribe Has Spoken”

Off To The Races

I hate it when I can’t get my thoughts to congeal, as evidenced by my inability to pay attention in church this morning or concentrate on writing for the past couple of days. I’m fine otherwise, but there’s this constant flow of ideas which slip away just as quickly as I become aware of them…..although every now andContinue reading “Off To The Races”

Random Crap On Facebook, Part Deux

I swear, I have GOT to learn when to stay off that damned site. Unfortunately, I am hopelessly addicted…..and even more unfortunately, I have a low tolerance for political bullshit. I don’t get it. Somebody needs to explain to me how it is that some folks can talk about wanting tolerance and despising hate, but when I don’t agree withContinue reading “Random Crap On Facebook, Part Deux”

Posting Random Crap on Facebook

One of the things I do when I’m really bored (or just really hypomanic) is post a bunch of random one-liners  on Facebook. This is the modern-day equivalent of making drunk phone calls to your friends in the middle of the night, which serves the dual purpose of getting their attention AND prompting them to ask you if you’re all right.Continue reading “Posting Random Crap on Facebook”