Hanging On For Dear Life

As I’ve been saying, my overall mood is very stable (or so I thought before my visit with Dr. Awesomesauce the other day), but lately I’ve been waking up in the morning in freak-out mode. I don’t like to talk about it because I have this magical thinking that if I don’t, it will goContinue reading “Hanging On For Dear Life”

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

Like a lot of bloggers, I often enjoy looking back over past blog entries to see what’s changed over time and evaluate my progress (or lack thereof). And what I can’t believe is how different my life is from what it was a year ago. Back then, I was a severely depressed, anxious hot mess of aContinue reading “Looking Backward, Looking Forward”

The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Nasty

So today I got to go see Dr. Awesomesauce, who is still awesome even if he does give me crap over that stupid toucan shirt and cuts back his hours in the clinic. Actually, it wasn’t his idea—his superiors thought it would be just a dandy idea for him to stop seeing patients and only supervise the residentContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, And The Downright Nasty”

Joyful And Triumphant

That’s how I feel now that I’ve been on the lower dose of Geodon for several weeks now, and my brain hasn’t missed it! I’ve been stable even throughout surgery, pain, and hospitalization, which can trigger all sorts of mood changes. This bodes very well for continuing to decrease my medication burden to a point whereContinue reading “Joyful And Triumphant”

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

I’ve been keeping a secret for several weeks that I just can’t hold onto any longer: my lifelong dream of a Caribbean cruise is about to be realized. Will and I have been invited to accompany my son and son-in-law on the Carnival Magic in December! They’ve even offered to pick up our expenses onContinue reading “The Adventure Of A Lifetime”

Great News!

I have been putting this off for weeks, fearing the worst, but I finally called Dr. Awesomesauce’s office today to find out if they accept Medicaid (which is the health insurance program for the poor). At first the receptionist told me they aren’t contracted with Medicaid, but then she asked me if I was withContinue reading “Great News!”

Farewell, Dr. Awesomesauce?

Yes, that’s right—thanks to my new status as a lowly Medicaid patient, it looks like I’m going to have to get all my mental health care from the county. To say I’m sick about it is an understatement; Dr. Awesomesauce has seen me through crisis after crisis and been my port in the storm thatContinue reading “Farewell, Dr. Awesomesauce?”

A Not-So-Happy Anniversary

Strange as it may seem,I have a habit of marking the dates of all kinds of occasions, not just cheery events like weddings and birthdays. Such is the case with today being the day I was first diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Three years, countless med changes and a hospitalization later, I’m on much firmer footingContinue reading “A Not-So-Happy Anniversary”