Anxiety, Be Gone!

I saw Dr. Goodenough last Friday, and rather than the decrease in meds I’d been hoping for, we actually INCREASED one of them. But you know what, it’s OK; I’ve made up my mind that this is how it has to be, and every now and again the shit is going to hit the fan.Continue reading “Anxiety, Be Gone!”

Puppy Love!

It sounds almost sacrilegious, but there are few things better for the soul than a puppy pile. My son and son-in-law have four purebred Pomeranian babies, and they’ve won the hearts of not only the family but every visitor who comes to the house, including Will’s hospice nurse and massage therapist. They’ve been well socialized and their charms are evident inContinue reading “Puppy Love!”

What I Learned Last Week

Here are a few things I discovered over the course of the past ten days or so. …I learned that I really can be a gracious hostess, even in the middle of hypomania. Two of Will’s brothers and one of his sisters were here, and even though I was waaay overstimulated, I was able to subdue it for the most part andContinue reading “What I Learned Last Week”

More Adventures In House-Sitting

Sharing a house with four little dogs who bark at everything that moves and eliminate wherever they please takes some getting used to. Actually, it’s five dogs when you count my Zinnie, and six if you count the bird that barks just as well (and just as often) as the dogs do. Then there’s the snake,Continue reading “More Adventures In House-Sitting”

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Now that Will and I have secured a place to live and are moving next weekend, the inevitable question of whether to tell our new housemates about our, ahem, health issues has arisen. I hate the idea of concealing them because it’s going to be awkward when the inevitable happens—it’s a small house after all—and I don’t want theContinue reading “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”