I Think It’s Over…..

…..my hypomanic episode, that is. Thank God. I noticed that I was starting to settle down last night, and now having gone to bed at a decent hour (2 AM as opposed to pulling those all-nighters) and slept well, I feel almost normal again. I have something important coming up on Monday, and I was getting really nervous that I wouldn’t be able toContinue reading “I Think It’s Over…..”

The Stranger Inside

It’s always been a source of wonder and amusement to me that during my frequent searches for an item I’ve misplaced, I always seem to find something else that brings back a memory or two. And, like many of the elderly folks at the nursing home where I work, I often get so lost inContinue reading “The Stranger Inside”

Left Behind

Oh, not to worry just yet…….Will is still here, although his bad days are already beginning to outnumber the good ones. He seems to lose a little more every day, and I’m getting frantic because the longer those tumors are allowed to grow unchecked, the less time we’ll have together. He’s getting his port put in today (thisContinue reading “Left Behind”

Small Favors

Today has been another good day…..thank God for small favors! Will and I were out and about today, picked up my sister for a visit, and even ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Amazing how we used to take these normal, enjoyable activities for granted……..before the words pancreatic cancer became part of our lives only one short weekContinue reading “Small Favors”

DX: Bipolar Disorder NOS

Not being a psychiatrist, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to diagnose a condition that’s as much of a chameleon as bipolar disorder. In fact, I was surprised when mine gave me a provisional BP diagnosis at our first appointment back in March of 2012. He’s pretty conservative in this area, asContinue reading “DX: Bipolar Disorder NOS”

How I Got Here

You know, no child wakes up in the morning thinking, “Gee, I wanna be a psych patient when I grow up.” For one thing, they don’t understand it, no should they be expected to; mental illness is hard enough to explain to adults (especially those who don’t have it). For another, kids with issues don’tContinue reading “How I Got Here”