Debbie Downer

No, I’m not depressed, at least not clinically, but I am in a situational funk and I hate it. No summer mania for me this year (not that I want it, but I could use a lift); in fact, summer is only now arriving as it’s been cool, cloudy and damp all through June andContinue reading “Debbie Downer”

The Elephant In the Room

Tonight we had The Talk. About life. About love. And finally, about death. We’ve been dancing around the elephant in the room for weeks now, stumbling over it every now and again, but mostly letting it sleep. Neither of us wanted to wake the beast for fear it would destroy us; we merely watched it breathe andContinue reading “The Elephant In the Room”

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

And I thought bipolar was a rollercoaster ride……… Will had a GREAT day yesterday. He was every bit his old self—felt good, ate well, even did some household chores without collapsing in exhaustion. We watched funny shows on TV and enjoyed each other’s company all day long (hence, no blog entries last night); we cuddledContinue reading “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”