Missing (Hypo)Mania

Yeah, I admit it. After all, there’s a great big beautiful spring out there, with warming temperatures and even more sunshine to come later this week…..the intoxicating aromas of flowers floating on the soft breeze…..the promise of summer just around the corner. This is one of my favorite times of year, when it’s not TOO hotContinue reading “Missing (Hypo)Mania”

I’m Not That Woman Anymore

The other cool thing that happened Friday was stopping by my old workplace to surprise my 22-year-old son and say hello to my former co-workers (and maybe even a resident or two). Now, up until about three months ago, I got palpitations whenever I even thought about going there—hell, just taking the exit gave me the heebie-jeebies—butContinue reading “I’m Not That Woman Anymore”

“Bipolar and Off His Meds”: A Rant

After reading the CNN story about the most recent school shooting (which really wasn’t a shooting, it was a guy with guns inside an elementary school who COULD have turned it into a shooting), I feel I must register a complaint about the way the so-called mainstream media handle these things: I’m tired of theContinue reading ““Bipolar and Off His Meds”: A Rant”

The “C” Word

No, no, no, not THAT “C”-word……I meant The “C” Word. As in “crazy”. I can’t speak for all bipolar people, of course, but I’d have to guess that most don’t particularly like having that term applied to them. It sounds so “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”-ish. Who wants to be associated with images ofContinue reading “The “C” Word”