‘Twas The Day After Christmas

…..and all through our home, the only critters stirring were the dogs and their bones. Well, the bones themselves weren’t actually stirring, but between our Pug and my sister’s Pomeranian, there’s been a major bone of contention. They’re both spoiled rotten, and they’re both “only dogs” so they get plenty of loving attention at home. But put theContinue reading “‘Twas The Day After Christmas”

Jingle All The Way

Christmas shopping (without benefit of mania): $700+…..well, OK, a little more…..and a little more than that Lunch out: $12.50 Being DONE with Christmas shopping a full week before Christmas: Priceless! Well, I have a lot less jingle in my jeans, but I’m singing a happy tune tonight because I got my holiday shopping all wrapped upContinue reading “Jingle All The Way”

O Christmas Tree

So today I decided that since it snowed and we can’t get out of our driveway, it was time to tackle the Christmas tree decorating chores. Used to be that I’d have the thing up and decorated by dinnertime the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I’ve been dragging my feet for some reason……partly because IContinue reading “O Christmas Tree”