Put To The Test

Well, it looks like I’m going to find out soon just what this remission is made of. I’m going out on survey Monday and the team may go in as early as 6 AM to a facility that’s 75 miles from where I live, and I have to stop and pick up a car from theContinue reading “Put To The Test”

Not All Dark Clouds Are Storms

That’s become my new mantra over the past few months. It helps me to remember that not every threatening situation is going to blow up into a tornado that destroys my life all over again. Like most people with bipolar disorder, I tend to catastrophize—I imagine all the terrible things that could result if thus-and-such happens—and cause myselfContinue reading “Not All Dark Clouds Are Storms”

No Rest For The Weary

……and the down elevator is in operation again, though it hasn’t descended as far or as fast as it did B.C. (Before Celexa). This is a less irritable and more sad type of mood, which oddly doesn’t make me feel like crying; it’s just that it feels as if everything is ending somehow. It’s not hardContinue reading “No Rest For The Weary”