Asking For a Friend…

Has anyone ever noticed that the longer they remain stable, the less serious their illness seems to be? It’s weird. I know I went through a lot in the early years of my bipolar diagnosis, but it all seems like it happened to someone else. I didn’t start this blog till 2013, but I haveContinue reading “Asking For a Friend…”

The High Cost of Mental Illness

I was just visiting my favorite nursing website this evening where a fellow member posted about the possibility of losing her license for using narcotics at work. She’s apparently had addiction issues for years but had never been caught, and when she finally was, it was reported to her state board of nursing. Now she wasContinue reading “The High Cost of Mental Illness”

Coming Out Bipolar: The Sequel

Today was “report card” day at work, and my meeting with the managers went just as I expected—they are very understanding and supportive, and they definitely want me to be successful, but I’ve got to get my shit together. So I told them what I told my training instructors the other day. Oddly, they didn’tContinue reading “Coming Out Bipolar: The Sequel”

The “High-Functioning” Bipolar

I used to be a fun person. Once upon a time, I enjoyed going out and spending a day with friends, shopping, seeing movies, even attending parties and other gatherings. I loved having big holiday get-togethers at home and making sure everything that wasn’t red hot or running for the hills was decorated in seasonally appropriate twinkle-lights. I even used to get aContinue reading “The “High-Functioning” Bipolar”