The Countdown Begins…..

… bpnurse prepares to tackle her new job without the baggage she has dragged with her through two unsuccessful attempts at remaining gainfully employed. Actually, I can’t say I was a failure at the position I’m about to leave, but I was being phased out and I knew it. I spent an awful lot ofContinue reading “The Countdown Begins…..”

It’s All Good

I’m doing really, really well these days. I’m happy (without being TOO happy, if you know what I mean) and I feel calm on the inside, even though I’m running out of unemployment and my last paycheck from my current job won’t even pay next month’s electric bill. The suckage in January will be horrendous, but I know better daysContinue reading “It’s All Good”

Bipolar Me

And now, back to our regularly scheduled topic: bipolar disorder. Mine, in particular. Since I got the news that I’ve been hired for the state inspector position, I’ve undergone a seismic shift in the way I feel about my life and my illness. I’m not saying the sky’s the limit—and I’m sure as hell not saying I’m cured!—but thisContinue reading “Bipolar Me”

O Christmas Tree

So today I decided that since it snowed and we can’t get out of our driveway, it was time to tackle the Christmas tree decorating chores. Used to be that I’d have the thing up and decorated by dinnertime the day after Thanksgiving, but this year I’ve been dragging my feet for some reason……partly because IContinue reading “O Christmas Tree”

No Experience Necessary

I don’t know about you, but I find perusing the job listings at my friendly local unemployment office to be quite entertaining. Where else could I find “opportunities” like working on an Alaskan fishing boat……becoming a cemetery worker……learning to wire little teeny circuit boards together? Who the hell does that stuff? I worked on anContinue reading “No Experience Necessary”