The Klonopin Chronicles

Now that the fever of mania has broken and my thoughts are clumping back together again, I can finally take a few calm moments to discuss some of the finer points of the medications that help to keep folks like me from diving out a 14th-story window or spending every single dime they’ll ever makeContinue reading “The Klonopin Chronicles”

Girls Just Gotta Mellow Out

True to form, Dr. Awesomesauce called me back tonight as he was leaving work, and we hammered out a plan to wrestle this ol’ manic beast back under control. Well, that was when the poor guy could get a word in edgewise……I’ve never talked to him or let him see me when I’ve been this jacked-up, and heContinue reading “Girls Just Gotta Mellow Out”

You See, It’s Like This…..

OK, it’s getting weird around here again. You know how I’ve been so proud of being stable for a while and rolling with the punches, dealing with the twin stressors of a sick husband and a career implosion without going into a mood episode? Yeah, well, for some reason I decided three days ago thatContinue reading “You See, It’s Like This…..”

Volcanic Burps and Other Observations

One thing I’ve come to appreciate throughout these past few weeks is the stability I’ve had since my psychiatrist last increased the antipsychotic medication I take to suppress mania.  Even though I’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster during the catastrophic events following Will’s ER visit a month ago, it’s only emotional……these ups and downs are nothingContinue reading “Volcanic Burps and Other Observations”

Better Living Through Chemistry

I have long had a love/hate relationship with psychiatric medications. Even back when I first started taking Paxil for what my primary-care physician and I thought was simple depression, I loathed the idea of having to take a pill to be “normal”. I knew I needed help, but I was angry with myself that IContinue reading “Better Living Through Chemistry”

This Is What I Was Afraid Of…..

Somebody PLEASE remind me that if I ever miss a dose of meds, to make sure it’s not the nighttime ones. This morning I woke up after a very fitful few hours’ sleep (if you can even call it that) feeling like something the dog found under the house. I’m still hyper, but I feel like I’m floating aroundContinue reading “This Is What I Was Afraid Of…..”

You Want Me To Take WHAT!?

…..was the first thing out of my mouth when the on-call psych resident said she was prescribing Zyprexa for me during an acute manic episode last summer. As a nurse, I’ve given the drug to many people over the course of my career, but up to that point I’d never dreamed that I would needContinue reading “You Want Me To Take WHAT!?”

Strange Brew

Looking down at my handful of sanity tonight, I am once again amazed by the different colors and shapes of the various medications in my palm, and I wonder at the technology and the brilliant minds that brought them into existence. Here is a dark blue capsule; it’s the antipsychotic, which for some reason costsContinue reading “Strange Brew”

My Meds, My Self

And now, a few words about the wide, wild world of bipolar medications. Now, I am in awe of the few BPers I know who manage their illness with nothing more than a healthy lifestyle. Yes, they still have their ups and downs, and some I quietly suspect would do better if they’d take atContinue reading “My Meds, My Self”