A Dose Of My Own Medicine

Did I mention that my medications were adjusted in the hospital? I haven’t talked about meds in quite a while, other than to whine about still being on Zyprexa after eight months. They continue to be the mainstay of my treatment, and I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that I am going to beContinue reading “A Dose Of My Own Medicine”

The Big Bum Theory

Every now and again, the irony of losing my compulsion to overeat and yet being unable to shed my excess weight just amazes the hell out of me. I don’t eat any more than the average person, I don’t eat when I’m not hungry, and I go through periods when I couldn’t care less about food. ButContinue reading “The Big Bum Theory”

Give Us This Day Our Daily Meds

This is the miracle drug “cocktail” that keeps me alive and well and (reasonably) sane. The top nine are my daytime meds, AKA the Breakfast of Champions; the bottom eight are my nightly Handful of Sanity. “Better living through chemistry” isn’t just a saying…..it’s a fact, because some of these tiny objects keep my blood pressure, cholesterolContinue reading “Give Us This Day Our Daily Meds”

Landing On My Feet

As discouraged as I am about my job these days, I realized something yesterday as I was trying to find my way back home after getting lost in Fungus Corners, Oregon for the third time this week: I have once again achieved a relative state of normality. This is no small feat in the face of circumstances that wouldContinue reading “Landing On My Feet”

Better Living Through Chemistry, Part 2

Ahhh……48 hours on Zyprexa, and I feel like a new woman. Today was the best day I’ve had in weeks. I slept well again, wasn’t nearly as bombed-out as I was yesterday morning, had no trouble staying awake at work—even doing nothing but bookwork—and drove home without screaming profanities at other drivers. I’m calm andContinue reading “Better Living Through Chemistry, Part 2”

Z: The Wonder Drug

Well, now THIS is more like it. Aspirin’s got nothing on Zyprexa as a wonder drug: thirty-six hours after taking the first dose, I’m fine. There’s the occasional foot- or finger-tapping, but I realize almost immediately when I’m doing it and can stop. I couldn’t do that even as late as last night. This morning when I woke up, I knewContinue reading “Z: The Wonder Drug”

Vitamin ‘Z’ To The Rescue!

What a difference a little tiny white pill and seven-and-a-half hours’ worth of quality sleep can make in a girl’s life……today, I felt almost normal again. Still didn’t have a lot of focus at work, but watching training videos is boring even under the best of circumstances, and between some residual instability and anxiety over theContinue reading “Vitamin ‘Z’ To The Rescue!”

The Wellbutrin Experiment and Other Side Effects

Well, that shoots that theory in the butt—all my thyroid tests came back totally normal. This is good news, because I really didn’t want to have to take yet another pill, but it also buries forever any hope that there might be a medical explanation for my mood swings. Not that it would’ve changed my original diagnosis—I don’tContinue reading “The Wellbutrin Experiment and Other Side Effects”