Friends With Benefits

Well, just about the time I’d lost faith in humanity…..along comes an online friend of mine who tells my sad story to the world in “A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed” on GoFundMe, the website that runs benefits for people who are down on their luck. So far she’s raised almost $800 forContinue reading “Friends With Benefits”

Ray of Hope

I’m better today. I don’t feel great, and I’m still pretty fragile, but the suicidal ideation is gone and I just feel tired, like I’ve been through a battle of some kind… indeed I have. I got a really good night’s rest last night, and even fell asleep at a decent hour thanks to the full Zyprexa dose. It wasContinue reading “Ray of Hope”

Strangers In The Night

….actually, it was two older women, both of whom happened to be in the same store doing a little retail therapy during the early evening hours, when most of the harried moms and their screaming kids had gone home. Having lost a rather significant amount of weight, I’ve found myself in desperate need of some pants that fit me. EverythingContinue reading “Strangers In The Night”

Fupped Duck

WARNING: If you are easily offended by the use of a certain profanity that rhymes with “pluck”, you may want to find something else to read this evening, because I’m going to use that word (and possibly a few others) in the next few paragraphs. Now, for tonight’s story (ever notice that bipolars seem toContinue reading “Fupped Duck”

We’re All A Little Mad Here

The day I was diagnosed as bipolar, I drove home from my doctor’s appointment feeling as though someone had slapped a bright red-and-white sign across my forehead warning people to stay away from me. “Danger, Will Robinson! Psych patient walking!” Suddenly I was completely alone in the world…..even though there were a couple of familyContinue reading “We’re All A Little Mad Here”