The Holy Grail of Bipolar

And to think I once believed it was found in pharmaceuticals. I’ve always been a firm proponent of the restorative qualities of sleep; I’ve just never been particularly good at applying any self-discipline in this regard. I loved my late nights and would have been more than happy to continue in the same vein forever, had life (and my psychiatrist) not intervened to putContinue reading “The Holy Grail of Bipolar”

The Countdown Begins…..

… bpnurse prepares to tackle her new job without the baggage she has dragged with her through two unsuccessful attempts at remaining gainfully employed. Actually, I can’t say I was a failure at the position I’m about to leave, but I was being phased out and I knew it. I spent an awful lot ofContinue reading “The Countdown Begins…..”

Bipolar Me

And now, back to our regularly scheduled topic: bipolar disorder. Mine, in particular. Since I got the news that I’ve been hired for the state inspector position, I’ve undergone a seismic shift in the way I feel about my life and my illness. I’m not saying the sky’s the limit—and I’m sure as hell not saying I’m cured!—but thisContinue reading “Bipolar Me”

The Stranger Inside

It’s always been a source of wonder and amusement to me that during my frequent searches for an item I’ve misplaced, I always seem to find something else that brings back a memory or two. And, like many of the elderly folks at the nursing home where I work, I often get so lost inContinue reading “The Stranger Inside”

Is There Life Out There?

Seriously, I’m asking: what can I do besides nursing? Among the many other changes wrought by this long, weird summer is the realization that I can’t do what I used to do. I don’t know if it’s because my bipolar has finally altered my brain to the point that it no longer functions as well as itContinue reading “Is There Life Out There?”

The “C” Word

No, no, no, not THAT “C”-word……I meant The “C” Word. As in “crazy”. I can’t speak for all bipolar people, of course, but I’d have to guess that most don’t particularly like having that term applied to them. It sounds so “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”-ish. Who wants to be associated with images ofContinue reading “The “C” Word”

I Hate Being Bipolar. It’s AWESOME!

If ever a bumper sticker needed a beverage alert, it was this one. I saw it a few months ago on the back of an old Honda that was held together with prayer and duct tape—kind of like my life—and promptly spewed Diet Coke all over my dashboard. Then I went home and told this story to myContinue reading “I Hate Being Bipolar. It’s AWESOME!”