Are We Having Fun Yet?

The cherry blossoms are on the trees, and my allergies know it. The tulips are coming up and the sun has been shining a little more than usual, so while it’s still technically winter, it feels more like Spring has sprung. This is a GOOD thing. My winter funk has gone away already—no more wakingContinue reading “Are We Having Fun Yet?”

Stream Of Consciousness

It feels so good to be out of that depression. I am somewhat scattered-brained today though, so I’m going to just write about random things. You know, stream-of-consciousness stuff that tumbles out of my head at will. Speaking of Will, he’s having a hard day with too much vomiting. (Actually I thing ANY vomiting is too much,Continue reading “Stream Of Consciousness”

You Want Me To Take WHAT!?

…..was the first thing out of my mouth when the on-call psych resident said she was prescribing Zyprexa for me during an acute manic episode last summer. As a nurse, I’ve given the drug to many people over the course of my career, but up to that point I’d never dreamed that I would needContinue reading “You Want Me To Take WHAT!?”

My Meds, My Self

And now, a few words about the wide, wild world of bipolar medications. Now, I am in awe of the few BPers I know who manage their illness with nothing more than a healthy lifestyle. Yes, they still have their ups and downs, and some I quietly suspect would do better if they’d take atContinue reading “My Meds, My Self”