Gloom, Despair, ‘n’ Agony On Me….

“….deep, dark depression, excessive misery! If it warn’t fer bad luck, I’d have no luck at all…. gloom, despair, ‘n’ agony on meeeee!” If you’re of a certain vintage, you’re probably already singing this little ditty in your head right now. If not, here’s a little Baby Boomer lore for you: it was sung byContinue reading “Gloom, Despair, ‘n’ Agony On Me….”

My Meds, My Self

And now, a few words about the wide, wild world of bipolar medications. Now, I am in awe of the few BPers I know who manage their illness with nothing more than a healthy lifestyle. Yes, they still have their ups and downs, and some I quietly suspect would do better if they’d take atContinue reading “My Meds, My Self”