Anger Management

I was looking back over some old posts the other day when I realized that I haven’t talked much recently about anger, even though it’s always been a big problem for me. I’ve been called “hot-tempered” for as long as I can remember, and for many years I did my best to live up to the labelContinue reading “Anger Management”

Rage Factor

The idea for today’s post comes from a friend of mine in Maine, with whom I was discussing the problem of anger and its management. I’m one of those people who was born pissed off, and it’s only the years (and the meds) that have mellowed me out a bit. As it turns out, this friend and IContinue reading “Rage Factor”

I’m Not Manic Anymore. Now, I’m Just Pissed Off.

And I really have no idea why. But of course, I’m going to sit down in front of the computer and attempt to analyze (read: over-think) it all so I can figure out the ‘why’ that bugs me so much. My p-doc has often mentioned journaling……well, it didn’t occur to me until relatively recently thatContinue reading “I’m Not Manic Anymore. Now, I’m Just Pissed Off.”