Feeling “Stresstive”? Me Too!

Yeah, that’s a word I made up. I’m stressed out, but I feel festive too and am enjoying the holiday atmosphere that Ben has created in our house. The tree is up—my wonderful 7 1/2-foot artificial pine is finally getting some use after six years in storage—and there are lights draped over everything that’ll standContinue reading “Feeling “Stresstive”? Me Too!”

The Last Day of My 50s

Well, folks, this is it—the eve of my 60th birthday. I’m going out tonight with family and friends to celebrate a mutual birthday with another family friend, and tomorrow…well, that’s up to Ben and Clint. Strangely enough, I’m not dreading the 60s, even though everything in/on your body basically falls apart. (It’s been doing thatContinue reading “The Last Day of My 50s”

Silver Threads Among the Gold

…..and brown, and black. Hair, I mean. I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. I grew up curly in a straight-haired world, and have spent most of the last four decades trying to create the look of my young dreams. Every now and again, I let my son-in-law blow it dry and flat-iron itContinue reading “Silver Threads Among the Gold”

Another Trip Around The Sun

Well, this is it: in only a few hours, I’ll be 55 years old. Another trip around the sun completed……closer to 60 than 50, closer to 70 than 40, and WAY closer to death than birth. And in some settings and situations, I’ll be considered a senior citizen. I’m actually OK with that, but I thought life was supposed toContinue reading “Another Trip Around The Sun”