The Morning After The Night Before

~ yawn~ It’s Friday, November 1, and I feel like something the dog found under the house. All that fresh air, exercise, and Halloween candy was great, but it really kicked my butt. Throw in a double whammy of hardcore psych meds, and I want to sleep until Christmas. But they’re doing their job: the fever of mania has broken and I’mContinue reading “The Morning After The Night Before”

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This ought to be interesting……I am full-on hypomanic and I’m gonna try to chase down a few stray thoughts for this blog post. At least the title was easy—I’m listening to the radio and Cyndi Lauper is singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Which is PERFECT, because I, personally, am having a blast! First IContinue reading “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Intrusive Thoughts: It’s A Bipolar Thang

You know, I hate it when I’m having a perfectly good day, doing my thing, and then suddenly my brain goes PFFFFTTT! and produces a noxious cloud of thought that’s so unpleasant it could clear a room. The experts call these brain-burps “intrusive thoughts”, and I can tell you unequivocally that they suck. Just lastContinue reading “Intrusive Thoughts: It’s A Bipolar Thang”

Beautiful Dreamer

Have I ever told you about how awesome my son-in-law is? He’s a hairdresser who can literally make magic: he has the ability to turn a frumpy, late-middle-aged grandmother into a sassy chick with attitude. It takes over three hours to do my hair, but the results are well worth it—I look and feel fifteenContinue reading “Beautiful Dreamer”

“Bipolar and Off His Meds”: A Rant

After reading the CNN story about the most recent school shooting (which really wasn’t a shooting, it was a guy with guns inside an elementary school who COULD have turned it into a shooting), I feel I must register a complaint about the way the so-called mainstream media handle these things: I’m tired of theContinue reading ““Bipolar and Off His Meds”: A Rant”

Crazy With the Heat

Have I ever mentioned how much I love summer? I mean really, REALLY love summer. Sun + warmth = one happy woman. I feel young and sassy again, I’m full of energy and fun, and it seems as though everything is possible. Sleep is a waste of time—who wants to be in bed when there’s a lovely summer nightContinue reading “Crazy With the Heat”

Who YOU Callin’ Crazy??!

Ran into an interesting, if rather disturbing scenario at work today. My relative happens to be in the same nursing facility where I’m employed, rehabbing after an accident at home, and she has this roommate who is one of the most loud, sloppy, demanding, and opinionated people I’ve ever met. I mean, she’s got an opinion onContinue reading “Who YOU Callin’ Crazy??!”

Situation Comedy: All F***ed Up

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is think up new sitcoms that haven’t already been done to death. You know, like all the Friends clones about East Coast yuppie types who trade sexcapades, or the shows with stout Midwesterners bitching endlessly about the snow. (Evidently no funny people existContinue reading “Situation Comedy: All F***ed Up”