I Feel The Need For Speed

…….in caffeinated form only, of course! My love affair with the stimulant began way back around age 8, when a somewhat older boy I had a crush on gave me my first cup of coffee. It was loaded with sugar and Cremora, but I felt sooo sophisticated and grown-up that I actually bragged to my parents thatContinue reading “I Feel The Need For Speed”

To Post, or Not To Post….That Is the Question

Now that I’ve kept this blog for a couple of months, I have come to find it something of a mixed blessing. I love doing it, and I’ve learned that it’s a lot like exercise: the more you do, the more you can do. Writing every day is excellent discipline, and even when I don’t have anythingContinue reading “To Post, or Not To Post….That Is the Question”

Home, Sweet Home

As you’ve probably guessed, your favorite bipolar blogger is back home from three days of getting ed-u-ma-cated on some really important stuff related to my job. I swear, my brain is crammed so full of information that I’m afraid it’s going to leak out and get all over the place! Which probably wouldn’t be surprising,Continue reading “Home, Sweet Home”

Posting Random Crap on Facebook

One of the things I do when I’m really bored (or just really hypomanic) is post a bunch of random one-liners  on Facebook. This is the modern-day equivalent of making drunk phone calls to your friends in the middle of the night, which serves the dual purpose of getting their attention AND prompting them to ask you if you’re all right.Continue reading “Posting Random Crap on Facebook”

The Paws That Refresh Us

To add a bit of variety (and a dose of fun) to a blog that deals with some pretty serious issues, today’s entry is about cats. My cats, in particular, who are quite possibly the cutest, craziest, and most talented felines in the universe….but then, I’m not biased or anything. Like me, all three areContinue reading “The Paws That Refresh Us”